Welcome. What makes Vernon’s transformational work so special?

Vernon has extraordinary gifts and knowledge developed over many years experience. He's real, he's relevant and he’s fun. He works from the heart and has a passion for nurturing growth, freedom and empowerment in people and he is a masterful storyteller and metaphysician.

His inspiring and informative teachings combine entertaining real life stories with wonderful transformational wisdom and insights and the lessons that he shares create profound and lasting change in the lives of those that hear him.

What can Vernon do for you?

Vernon encourages you to rediscover your true personal power and innocence, and gives you ways to fulfil the unimaginable potential of your unique path in life, by releasing the pain and limitation of old stories and outdated assumptions.

He creates a space in which you can connect with your own personal truth, step into your authentic self and discover greater degrees of self awareness and joy. You will be able to examine and let go of your false personalities and get to the heart of your true being. He will assist you to expand your exploration of life and its mysteries and how to live the life you deeply desire. Using a variety of teachings and techniques you will be guided through your own individual experience, gaining a more profound understanding of your own body and spirit and your soul’s journey, realigning your body and your awareness to its natural state of well being.

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  • Clarify your life purpose, goals and objectives
  • Learn effective relaxation techniques
  • Experience powerful guided meditations
  • Increase self worth, love and appreciation
  • Free yourself from fear of vulnerability and self-expression
  • Let go of anger, fear or depression
  • Reach new levels of inspiration, creativity and performance
  • Resolve inter-personal conflicts and relationship issues
  • Learn powerful techniques to release emotional patterns that limit your personal and spiritual progress
  • Develop your intuition and psychic ability
  • Study esoteric and metaphysical principles
  • Experience your connection to spirit